Implement Traffic Control Plans Recertification Course

This course is designed for you if:

If your card has recently expired (in the last 3 months) but you have plenty of experience implementing Traffic Control Plans then please contact us before applying.

Step 1 - Apply for Recertification

if you believe you meet the requirements above, you will be required to undertake a Training Needs Analysis on application.

Step 2 - - Receive your confirmation email.

This email will also have a link to an online portal where you can submit your evidence.

Step 3 - Upload your evidence and complete online assessments.

Evidence may be from your recent past (12 months) or this may be collected once you have accessed the templates and assessments in the portal. You have 60 days to upload your evidence and complete the assessment (can be done immediately depending on your current situation, skills and knowledge).

Step 4 – Final Assessment

You will be contacted by your assessor for verification and finalisation (Final Assessment) . This involves verifying your identity, discussing evidence submitted and asking some final questions to confirm your knowledge. Your Assessor may also decide that a workplace visit for the purpose of assessment is required (at the discretion of the assessor). Your assessor will then (after Final Assessment) provide you with the outcome of your application which will be one of the following:


SOA's are required to get your Roads and Maritime photo card

Need further information - simply contact us on (02) 4954 4101. Please also refer to full course information on our website & the Terms and Conditions on the website.